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How Will You Know That Someone has Parkinson’s Disease

The number of neurons in your brain is so high. Cerebral palsy and many other disorders may affect the functioning of such. Another common disease that may affect the nerves is Parkinson’s disease. It ranks second after Alzheimer’s syndrome among the neurological conditions in existence. To ensure that you take good care of such conditions, you need to know its early signs. Therefore, you can look at this article to tell you some of its early signs.

The first sign that will help you the existence of Parkinson’s disease is the tremors. It will take you a lot of things to recognize the symptoms. Tremor may be the first one to be seen in most of the cases. You will notice trembling on some parts of the body. It is not quick to note at this stage. However, after some time, the intensity of the shaking will increase.

Secondly, by looking at the reduced handwriting, you will know that one has the disease. If you see this, you will know that one is in the early stages of suffering from the disease. You will notice that the patient will be writing in small handwriting due to their inability to control the subtle motor movement. The words are not only small but too narrow. The reduction of the sizes gradually goes on with time.

Thirdly, the changes in the voices of the people is another indication of the availability of Parkinson’s disorder. It is among the early warning that can help you to realize this, how medical cannabis helps. Very many things will happen to the voice such as the voice becoming hoarse, the people talking in low tones and with a reduced inflection. There is a possibility of such people speaking quietly. Not only these will happen, but the words will also slur at some point. With this, you may get a lot of issues maintaining communication with the patients, how medical cannabis helps.

The fourth sign that will show you that someone has Parkinson’s disorder is facial masking. With the disease most of the people find it very challenging to control the muscles in their faces. Blank stares come out of this a condition that can be defined as facial masking. They will therefore not blink in most of the cases. The smile becomes an issue, but if it comes out it looks like a forced one.

The last thing that will help you know that someone has Parkinson’s disorder is posture changes. This is one of the things that will show you this, but they will not be so rapid. It is caused by the inability of the body to control movement.

In conclusion, this article has discussed some of the ways through which you will know that someone has Parkinson disorder, how medical cannabis helps.